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A Little About US

Hello My name is Terhya Nyegaard. My husband Nolan and I, along with our animals live on a small farm in Northern Minnesota. Nolan and I both were raised with animals and could not imagine life without them, especially dogs! Our journey of raising Aussiedoodles started shortly after we got married with the purchase of our Standard Australian Shepard, Tater. We love Tater dearly and so does everyone that meets him. More times than not though, the conversation when someone meets him for the first time goes a little like this, "He is such a great dog, does he shed?" Unfortunately, Aussie's do shed (A LOT) which turns many people away from the breed. That is when we learned about Aussiedoodles, and decided we wanted to raise Aussiedoodles!

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Terhya & Nolan Nyegaard

12881 450th St NE Strathcona, MN 56759


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