the aussiedoodle breed

An Aussiedoodle is a cross between the Australian Shepard (A.K.A. Aussie) and the Poodle. Aussiedoodles are classified into 3 different sizes Toy, Mini, or Standard making them the right choice for any family weather you would like a small dog, medium sized dog or large dog!

Here at North Ridge Doodles we raise F1 Aussiedoodles. F1 Aussiedoodles are 50% Aussie and 50% Poodle.

about the aussiedoodle coat

Aussiedoodles can either be a low shedding or a no shedding dog, making them a great choice for families with allergies. an aussiedoodles coat can be anywhere from tight curls to light waves. There coat will determine the grooming they will need. the curlier the coat the more grooming that is required. If started at a young age, grooming aussiedoodles can be a breeze!

The aussiedoodles temperment

The poodle and the Aussie are both very intelligent breeds, Often referred to as Canine Einstein's. Because the Aussiedoodle is a cross between to breeds there is no sure way to tell the exact temperament of the puppies. What we do know is that both breeds are Active, highly trainable and very loyal to there owners!

Training the aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodles are highly trainable and catch on to just about anything you're wanting to teach them with time, patience, and persistence. Aussiedoodles love human attention and are a great choice if you are someone who loves to bring your dog with you wherever you go.