We have put together a list of some things we recommend to get BEFORE you bring puppy home. Keep in mind, these brand are our favorites but you may find brands that work better for you! We do recommend sticking with the same food and vitamin regimen until puppy is at least one year old.  Puppies need special nutrition, the choice you make will play a vital role in your Pets Health and Longevity.

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Puppy Nutrition



 Basic Supplies

  1.  Bowls

    • Avoid plastic & ceramic which can leach into the food/water 

    • We really like snappy bowls; they are easy to clean and puppies cannot tip them. ---> Snapy Bowls

    • If you aren't going to use a crate we really like these no tip bowls, they really cannot tip them which is an awesome feature ---> Frisco bowls

  2.  Bed

    • a bed is something I recommend purchasing AFTER your puppy is potty trained.​ Throw blankets and towels work perfect for the training stages. They are easier to toss in the washer and less appealing to chew on.

    • we personally like raised beds, they keep your pup of the the hard floor and are easy to clean ---> Coolaroo Bed

  3. Puppy waste bags aka ‘poopy bags’

    • we prefer the bags that look like mini grocery bags, they are easy to tie and seem to be sturdier.​ ---> Poop Bags

  4. Crate 

    • We recommend purchasing a metal crate type kennel for your puppy. This isn’t ‘cruel’ but actually gives your puppy comfort like a ‘den’ once they adjust to it. All of our dogs have their own crate and that is where they choose to lay and relax. 

    • Crates come in all different sizes, don't be afraid to ask our recommendation on size if you are unsure which to purchase!

    • we like the Frisco brand crate, heavy duty & affordable! ---> Crate

  5.  Paper towels & spot cleaner   - for accidents

  6. Teething toys 

    • Benebone Puppy- These work great for agressive chewers ---> Benebone Puppy Pack

    • We like to keep things as natural as possibly so these Barkworthies are a win for me and puppies seem to love them! ---> Barkworthies Puppy Chews

    • Bully horns are also a great choice for a chew toy. They are natural and our dogs love them! ---> Bully horn

  7. Puppy treats – (CHECK INGREDIENTS!- NO sweeteners, fillers, NO raw hide or imported from China!) Some our favorites:

  8.  Shampoo and conditioner-

    • For routine baths, we really like 4-in-1 puppy shampoo for those fluffy doodle coats! ---> Puppy 4 in 1 Shampoo

  9.  Dog brushes- Even if you plan to have your puppy professionally groomed brushing is a must! These 3 brushes are my essentials that I use daily:

    • ​I use a pin brush first. ---> Safari Pin Brush

    • After the pin brush I use this slicker brush in the "mat prone" areas (Behind legs, behind ears,and belly) ---> Slicker brush

    • I like to use this rake before and after a bath. ---> Rake Brush

  10.  Nail clipper ---> Nail clipper

  11. We clean ears with every bath ---> Ear Cleaner

  12.  Dog tooth brush & paste- brushing your dogs teeth is not necessarily something you have to do but it can expand your dogs life span greatly! I encourage you to do some research to see if this is something you want to do with your dog. ---> Puppy toothbrush & paste set

We feed all of our adult dogs and puppies Nutri-Source. There are 2 different formula's we recommend  for our puppies depending on size. 

  • Nutri-Source Small/Medium Breed Puppy --->  Buy Small/Medium puppy food

  • Nutri-Source Large Breed (for our standard puppies) ---> Buy Large breed puppy food

  • Nutri- Source also makes a grain-free version of these foods, we DO NOT recommend feeding the grain- free unless recommended by your veterinarian